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Creepy Cousin Kenny at Christmas? 4 Body Safety Tips Every Family Needs to Know Before the Holiday

Holiday Body Safety Tips and Workshop (toughtopicsmom)

The holidays create an opportunity for sexual predators! Learn how to protect your kids from sexual abuse by eliminating the risk and launching a body safety plan. I don't want you running in circles or panicking like Buddy the Elf!

Hi Everyone! I hope this little post finds you well. As the holidays approach, I want to take a minute to review some simple body safety strategies and announce something super special!

I remember being forced to hug my aunts and uncles at Christmas, which I wish somebody had helped me with.


Why Review Body Safety Before the Holidays?

  • 90% of Child sexual abuse happens within our inner circles. Sadly, it is the people we already know and trust. These people can be family, friends, cousins, or older kids.

  • We let our guard down during the holiday and assume a level of safety.

  • Our kids are not safe unless they are with a responsible adult, supervised, and observable because sexual abuse can only happen when there is time and opportunity.

  • Some family members pose a challenge with expectations for unwanted hugs and kisses.

  • You can protect your kids by learning easy-to-use body safety strategies today!

What to Review with the Kids?

  1. Body Autonomy: Your child has rights! They do not have to hug Aunt Lavinia or anybody else.

  2. Safe Adults: Your child knows who the safe adults are and how to get help if they need it.

  3. Body Safety Rules: Your child knows that private parts have different rules. Nobody should look at, touch, tickle, kiss, or play games their parts. And nobody should ask them to do the same.

  4. No Secrets: Nobody should ask your child to keep a secret. This is a HUGE red flag. What our Red Flag Secrets VIdeo on YOUTUBE

But what if Cousin Kenny is bugging your kid in the basement between dinner and dessert?

  • Practice using empowering language first.

  • Teach your child to say no and exit quickly to report the problem to a safe adult.

  • If that doesn't work, teach your child some simple exit strategies

  • If all else fails... self-defense moves can help here.

Self-defense is an essential skill for all children ( and adults) to learn

And learning body safety and empowering your family is critical.

S0, Before you pack the car...


I'm excited to announce that I am partnering with Jeff Konich to take body safety to the next level! A holiday body safety workshop on December 19th for the whole family.

Together Jeff and I will help empower your family with kid-friendly body safety strategies PLUS

We will discuss best practices to communicate with family about your body safety plans, travel safety tips, and self-defense moves every kid should know!

Click here to register today!



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