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Body Safety for Young Children:

Empowering Caring Adults

Written for educators and parents by a prevention education expert, Body Safety for Young Children is the comprehensive guide you need to navigate this complex and sensitive issue. Author Kimberly King takes the fear out of sexual-abuse prevention and makes it child-friendly and approachable, so you can confidently communicate with children and protect them from harm.
Packed with extraordinary stories, prevention skills, talking points, and what-if scenarios, this compassionate resource book is the ultimate toolkit for educators and families looking to prevent child sexual abuse. From body-safety lessons to social-media safety, the practical guide covers everything you need to know to keep children safe and informed. The tips, themes, shareable resources, and book suggestions in this guide will help you build a strong foundation of body-safety skills and provide simple safety strategies that work.
Body Safey for Young Children
Body Safety for Young Children:
Empowering Caring Adults
is published by
Gryphon House Publishing. 


Discover how to arrange a classroom for safety.

Pencil and notepad


How to create safety circles of adults

Mobile Phone


practice Learn how to teach child-friendly body- safety techniques and code words.



Find out why using correct “doctor words” for body parts is so important.

Beach Volleyball

In today’s world, it’s crucial that we equip our children with the tools they need to stay safe. Yet, many caring adults simply don’t know where to begin.

This book will change how we protect our kids! We will work together as teachers, parents, and safe adults to empowerer our families and prevent child sexual abuse.


A must for anyone all parents and teachers!

Family at a Beach

Alexandra Gucci Zarini,

Alexandra Gucci Children's Foundation

Body Safety for Young Children is a comprehensive guide to prevent

child sexual abuse. It is full of practical tips and exercises that adults can use

to help teach body safety strategies and empower their students.

This is an essential resource, not only for parents and guardians.

But also for teachers, coaches, health care professionals, and 

anybody who cares for children. I am proud to support this important work and encou 

and encourage all who care about children and their well-being to buy this book.

Pre-order your copy today!
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