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The Importance of Body Safety with The Mother Side on ABC

How to talk about body safety with ease

Talking about body safety and the importance of communication on all things before your drop your child off at camp. The questions you must ask as a parent and the discussions you need to have before your drop off your camper.

Wake Up Safety Alert!

Online Safety Tips
that Prepare, not Scare!

Simple tips for parents to protect their

kids from predators both on and offline

How to talk to your children about preventing child sexual abuse

In a kid-friendly, clear, engaging way

The important conversations all parents need to have with their kids to keep them safe. Learning about the facts, minimizing the risks, and empowering your family with body safety skills help protect children from predators.


Project Name

Join me and Renee Reina, your new mom-friend, as we chat all things body safety and kids. From babysitters to back to school body safety- we cover it all in a light, clear, engaging way to help moms get comfortable with the topic and communicate with ease on this often tough topic.

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