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What is Body Boss Bootcamp? A Solution to Starting Body Safety Education for Families!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

body safety class for kids
Body Boss Bootcamp - A body safety online class for kids

A Fun Approach to Introducing Body Safety! That helps parents who might be a little scared or stuck on the topic of body safety with Body Safety Educator, Author, and Kindergarten Teacher... ME! ( Kimberly King)

As parents, our top priority is to keep our children safe and equipped with the knowledge they need to navigate the world around them. That's why I am excited to introduce you to the Body Boss Bootcamp – an innovative online class designed to teach your kids about body safety in a kid-friendly, engaging, and enjoyable way.

Kid-Friendly Approach:

Gone are the days of dull lectures and lengthy courses. Body Boss Bootcamp is tailor-made for young minds, utilizing a kid-friendly approach that makes learning about body safety an interactive and fun experience. Your kids will be singing and dancing along.

The classes are designed to be watched together, allowing you to be an active participant in your child's learning journey. With relatable examples and scenarios, your child will grasp the importance of body safety while learning with music, a little bit of the sillies, and homework. All in 8 kid-friendly lessons, in 8 minutes!

Based on the book, I Said No! a kid-to-kid guide to keeping private parts private, Body Boss Bootcamp is... The perfect way to start body safety education.

You know the book! It is the most highly recommended book for families on body safety. A Mom's Choice Gold Award winner, an Amazon best-seller for almost a decade! With over 250,000 books sold and a recommendation from the prestigious Journal of Sex Education as one of the top three MUST-HAVE BOOKS FOR EVERY SCHOOL and HOME!

Read the complete study here:

a picture of a girl holding the I Said No book and a red flag
Body Boss Bootcamp! and the Book I Said No!

Engaging and Interactive: Yes! That's right- body safety education can be fun.

I completely understand that children have short attention spans, and that's why Body Boss Bootcamp's classes are specifically crafted to capture and maintain their interest. Through a series of short, engaging lessons, your child will embark on an exciting adventure of learning, discovering, and understanding. The interactive nature of the course ensures that your child remains actively engaged, promoting a deeper understanding of body safety strategies and skills.

Stress-Free Learning:

Let's face it – parenting comes with its fair share of challenges. The last thing you need is another stressful commitment. Body Boss Bootcamp offers a stress-free solution to an important issue. With its bite-sized lessons, broken into 8 days of 8-minute classes, your child can easily absorb the information without feeling overwhelmed. All you have to do is sit with your child. ( Because we do not want young kids to go online - alone)

Body Boss Bootcamp not only helps your child retain the knowledge but also ensures a positive and enjoyable learning experience for both of you.

What Your Child Will Learn:

Based on the award-winning and best-selling book 'I Said No!: A Kid to Kid Guide to Keeping Private Parts Private,' Body Boss Bootcamp is structured into 8 lessons that are designed to be easy for your child to understand. These lessons cover essential topics such as recognizing personal boundaries, understanding appropriate and inappropriate touch, and learning how to communicate feelings and concerns effectively. By the end of the course, your child will have gained valuable skills that will empower YOU! and them!

Body safety Education is a huge step. It is the first, most important step a parent can take to protect their kids and empower their families. I will be with you to support your journal the entire way. You will have access to me via emails and a private Facebook group. There is a Body Boss Bootcamp Homework Notebook to download and track your progress!

Fun Homework: To help the lessons sink in and get creative!

Help your child with all of their homework and post pictures of them doing the work.

I will tag you and mention your child in my stories.

But, please... no facial photos of any children. Pictures of kids doing work without faces are the best way to share photos safely.

Rosalia Rivera from Consent Parents
What the experts are saying

Investing in your child's safety and well-being has never been this easy and stress-free. The Body Boss Bootcamp offers a unique opportunity to introduce your child to body safety concepts in a kid-friendly, engaging, and interactive manner. With its short, informative lessons, your child will not only learn about personal boundaries but also develop the confidence to share feelings, identify feelings, and raise a red flag!

Please send me an email if you have any questions or are in need of a coupon. My goal is to try to make all of my body safety resources available to everyone. To help me do that... please share this blog post

with your Mom friends.


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