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The New Book for Parents and Teachers!

Whether you're a teacher, parent, camp counselor, therapist, or caregiver, Kimberly King has the resources to empower your family at home and at school to protect kids.

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Hi, I'm Kimberly

I’m your mom partner in prevention. I use kid-friendly, easy-to-use strategies and resources that help you talk with your kids about tough topics like sexual abuse prevention so that you can empower and protect your family.

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Available Books

New I Said No Characters


I Said No! 2.0
Coming Soon.

A Mom's Choice Awards® Gold Recipient, I Said No! A kid-to-kid guide to keeping private parts private was Amazon’s number one-selling book on sexual abuse prevention for many years. Written from a child’s point of view, it helps kids learn how to set healthy boundaries for their private parts. The book provides an easy-to-use system to help children rehearse and remember appropriate responses to help keep them safe.

Our book had to grow and change with the times. 

The 2020 Edition is temporarily out of print but can still be found on Amazon, with various sellers. And by several small bookstores and body safety educators.

Stay tuned for updates on the new edition that is coming soon!

The new I Said No! has a new publisher and new illustration. And, has been updated to a narrative form. And refreshed to be trauma-informed and focused on the current research and statistics that help protect kids.

We know you will love it, and it will become a staple in your body safety toolbox.


When Your Parents Divorce

When Your Parents Divorce was written to help ease the anxiety, stress, and uncertainty family members experience during divorce. Told from a child’s perspective, the book helps both children and adults adjust to divorce in a positive, cooperative, and supportive way.

I Said No is a Mom's Choice award gold winner

Mom's Choice  Gold Award Best Book Series

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