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When Your Parents Divorce is a guide for children to learn how to better understand the terms and process of divorce. While, at the same time provides therapeutic talking points and an interactive journal exercises to help provide emotional support. Using authentic kid-friendly language and told from a child’s perspective, When Your Parents Divorce provides an excellent tool for children and parents as they navigate these difficult times. Topics of parent alienation prevention strategies are discussed, and new guidelines are modeled for positive parenting during a divorce. Giving children and parents these helpful strategies and tools for positive communication, reminds everyone to proceed with care during this transitional time.

Building a collaborative and cooperative framework for the new family structure, that promotes flexibility and communication, is key for everyone in the family. It is possible to avoid and even eliminate a great deal of stress and anxiety that a divorce can bring to children by integrating the strategies discussed in When Your Parents Divorce.

In a very special way this book focuses on the very important message that children and parents can get through a divorce, while continuing to be a family.

When Your Parents Divorce

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