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A Little Bit of Travel Advice For Kids From a Worried Mom-

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

The flu, corona, and all other nasty viruses 🦠

have many parents on high alert mode, myself included! My son took off two days ago from LaGuardia Airport. With all the news about the spread of this virus, we almost changed his plans. It was a tough decision. I’m not sure it was the right choice. But, we made the decision based on the recommendations at the time.

I sent him off with the following text. In hopes that it was funny enough to remind him to practice germ prevention procedures. Mind you, I am no doctor or expert, just a mom... hoping my kid doesn’t catch anything on the airplane. And, he is not a believer in germs! I thought now would be the perfect time to review, remind, and practice better prevention practices to keep all of our families healthy. 🙏


Corona Virus Reminders From Mom

🦠 🍺 🦠


Don’t sit near people.

Don’t touch the seats. Sit on the floor away from people.

Wash hands! Germ kill.

Don’t touch your face, nose, mouth, eyes.

Hands in pocket 🖐

Airplane: ✈️

Wipe arms, buckle and tray.

Take off gloves and throw in barf bag.

Keep your 🖐 hands in your pocket.

Push zinc couch drops.

If somebody starts coughing or sneezing 🤧

Germ kill every 20 minutes.

The second you are off the airplane - go wash you hands.

Don’t touch anything 🛑🖐

Hands in pockets 👖

Uber- 🚖

Don’t touch anything.

Germ kill when you get in.

Germ kill when you get out.

At retreat-


Wash hands often.

Don’t touch you face or nose or mouth.

Germ kill, wash hands,

Elbow bump or fist bump. 👊


Drink lots of 💦

🧼 use soap

🤧 sneeze into your elbow

🚪 Use your shirt to open doors.


Don’t kiss anybody 💋

Don’t pick your nose 👃

Don’t eat boogers 🦠

Don’t pick other people’s noses or eat other people’s boogers. 🦠 🍽 😘

Don’t smoke 🚭

Clean your 📱 phone

Take care out yourself, even though you don’t believe in germs, we don’t want you carrying any back home. ❤️ Mom

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