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Why Practicing “What If” Scenarios Are So Important in Sexual Abuse Prevention For Kids.


“What If” scenarios are a great way to help your child generate ideas and talk about problem solving and prevention strategies. Think of the situations that your child might encounter in a typical day. Discuss some of your own scenarios? These scenarios can start with basic scenario training.

What if…

I was late to pick you up at school?

What would you think, say, do?

Discuss all the scenarios and make a strategy to solve this problem.

When kids start to think through ideas and develop strategies to solve problems, it helps them gain ownership of these ideas, remember, and implement them.

Kids learn from creative, independent thinking. But, they also from repetition. So, rehearsing this type of scenario in a kid-generated way is a great way to help all of the strategies and solutions sink in.

For sexual abuse prevention what is most important is to use the people in your circles in these scenarios. Because sadly, 90% of sexual abuse happens with the people we know and trust.



Mom and dad are out to dinner and a movie. We have a babysitter watching you and your brother. The babysitter wants you to take a bath with your little brother. (Which is not allowed on the family safety plan)

What should you think, say, and do in this situation?

What are some things we should talk about here?


Some questions you might generate...

What is our rule here?

Do we ever take baths in front of babysitters?

Do you take baths with your brother?

Do I feel ok about this request?

Would you feel safe?

Does this request follow our family safety plan?


Some options you might generate

What are some of the things you might say to this babysitter?

I want to call my mom about this.

Mom doesn’t like us to take baths together.

No, I already took a bath.

I don’t take baths when my parents aren’t home. It’s part of our safety plan.

No, I am not comfortable with that idea.


Some options you might generate together for actions that your child can take in this situation.

What are some things you can do?

Call mom and ask

Text mom

Refuse to take a bath

Say no thanks that violate our rules

Call or text a trusted adult

Use Safety Code word when you call mom or sad.

Be well, be safe, and practice a few scenarios.

And remember that although the world has essentially stopped, child sexual abuse and child abuse, has not! The extra time at home creates an extra risk for some children.

While you are home, learning about sexual abuse prevention is a positive and powerful thing that you CAN DO! Empowered families can prevent sexual abuse! 🙏

For more information on sexual abuse prevention strategies for you children - click on the online courses tab. You will find free courses

and a number additional resources and free downloads. Please contact me directly if you have any questions here or visit me on Instagram @kkingbooks.

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