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Attention Authors! Tips on How to Reach 1000 Plus Reviews on Amazon.

A few people have been asking me how I managed to get over 1000 amazon reviews for a book about private parts. Here are a few of the strategies that worked for me. Mind you, this has really taken many years. But here are a few things that worked for me.

1. Research and find your niche.

I did extensive research on sexual abuse prevention books. There were a few books on the topic already but they were not specific and one of them was downright creepy. I wanted my book to be full of scenarios for kids to practice. I wanted to encourage communication between kids and parents. I wanted my books to be told through a child’s voice and perspective.

What is it that makes your book unique? What is it about you that is unique. Don’t be scared to share your story and be authentic.

This was my niche! What is yours?

2. Educate yourself on how to effectively market your book.

Take a class that will help you develop the tools to actually spark interest. Your story may be great but if you don’t know how to get the word out… it will remain just a great story.

I highly recommend taking some FREE training. I signed up for years ago. This website is full of great info and resources for authors.

I am currently enrolled in a class taught by Kat Corey.

This class is a marketing, branding, design, social media gold mine! Excellent class and resource! Check out my Instagram to see my progress!

3. Borrow other people’s platforms and give.

I spent a lot of time reaching out to national sexual abuse prevention groups and collaborating with these organizations who had bigger platforms, more followers, and more reach. I sent many book donations and book samples. I contacted my favorite mommy bloggers, parenting bloggers, and kept trying.

I volunteered to write guest blog posts on a variety of topics.

I shared many posts and engaged with readers on a personal level.

I did a lot of giving of my time and giveaways of my books on Goodreads.

I said YES! To every single interview request. Form relationships with your peers on the topic of interest. Find your tribe, your people, and engage. You will be very surprised to find that authors really enjoy collaboration.

4. Plan to become an expert.

I took training to learn about sexual abuse prevention. I read all the books I could find.

I reached out to the current experts in the field. Then, decided to teach others about sexual abuse prevention and signed up for the D2L facilitator program. I am trained and am certified to teach adults through a nationally recognized program called Stewards of Children. I actively engage and promote and reference their program as the best overall sexual abuse prevention program.

5. Sign up for Help A Reporter Out ( H.A.R.O.)

Simply register as a media source and expert in your field of expertise. You will get daily queries from the site FULL of request for experts to contribute to articles and be referenced as a source. You can list your credentials, website, and social media handles. HARO is the perfect place for you to write. You are a writer! And you have the expertise to share. You have what they need!

For more information on my books, writing tips, parenting challenges, or whatever-

Don’t be afraid to reach out and just ask. I am happy to help. Happy reading, writing, and engaging in this big world of books!

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