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 Sexual abuse prevention training courses for parents, schools, camps, and organizations.


Online Course

Comprehensive Sexual Abuse Prevention Strategies for Parents of Young Children

Did you know that it is very normal to feel confused or uncomfortable about this tough topic?

It can be a difficult topic to talk about.

You are not alone!




research tells us that if we don’t address it, we are putting our children at risk!


Here is the GREAT NEWS!

You can learn how to protect your kids!

And it won't be awkward or make you queasy.


  • Get clear FACTS about childhood sexual abuse, including online threats and the secret tactics skilled abusers are using today.


  • Learn how to introduce this topic to your children in a kid-friendly, “non-icky” way.


  • Receive guidelines for age-appropriate discussions.


  • Understand how to teach the concepts of “trusted adults” and “code words” to your children.


  • Get tips on how to develop a Family Safety Plan.

Self-Paced Course on Your Own Schedule

As parents ourselves, we understand how busy you are. This program is self-paced, so you can complete it on your own schedule—when and where you are available.

Quality Online Education by an Experienced Educator and Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Advocate

This course is presented by Kimberly King, award-winning children’s author, educator, and expert on the top of child sexual abuse prevention. Her goal is to empower parents in the fight against childhood sexual abuse through knowledge. All information is presented in a comfortable, parent-to-parent manner.

"Kimberly ran an in-depth training session for our summer camp staff, and it was OUTSTANDING. Not only is the curriculum itself really insightful, but she went the extra mile, customizing the training to the specifics of our particular camp. She kept our staff engaged and we all learned a lot from the time. I would definitely recommend her!"     


- Surf Hatteras Camp, 2019


By enrolling in our comprehensive, online course, you will learn the proactive parenting strategies and skills required to talk about sexual abuse prevention with confidence, and take essential steps needed to protect your family. The course includes:


  • Unlimited access to our training videos and a complimentary guide.

  • Free downloads for parents and kids

  • A NEW, comprehensive collection of parent-friendly articles, exclusive short personal videos, lectures, and a valuable resource list

  • Monitored in-course chat boxes

  • Bonus video content with expert guest speakers who discuss additional related topics

Wait! There’s more.

When enrolling in this course, you will have the opportunity to connect with Kimberly via email and a private Facebook group.

Special Bonus:

You will be the first parents to have access to the NEW and Improved 2020 Edition of I Said No! a kid-to-kid guide to keeping private parts private, the most highly recommended book on sexual abuse prevention for children and families.

Nobody is immune to sexual abuse. 90% of child sexual abuse happens with people we know and trust. Our kids are spending way more time online and out of their routines. NOW is the perfect time to learn about and prevent the threats children face every day.

Not ready for the advanced course?

Try this one for size-

My FREE Gift to you!

Simply Safe Kids: Intro

The Right Way to Teach Body Boundaries and Safety

what the moms and grandmas are saying....

THANK YOU! As a grandmother raising my (deceased) daughters' twin girls starting at age 21 months (now 10 yrs old), it's been difficult to keep "up with the times", so to speak. When the girls were little "Stranger Danger" was the thing. Thank you for not shying away at all and being straight forward about this topic and making so many resources available! I'm passing this along now and posting it from my Facebook. It's about time we get together as "community" and work together to keep ALL kids safe! God bless you and all of your endeavors! - Grandma


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