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Exploring the Silence: Why Kids Often Keep Sexual Abuse a Secret

We spend a lot of time teaching our kids about body safety. We read books, post body safety rules, and reduce risks. But even the best body safety education can fail if you haven't cracked the code on communication.

As I researched and wrote my new book, Body Safety for Young Children: Empowering Caring Adults, I discovered some startling statistics. 70% of children never tell anybody. There are many reasons why children don't or can't tell.

Reporting can be terrifying. And it is next to impossible to tell if we don't create an environment for the tell. I discuss creating a safe environment where kids feel confident to share their feelings with you, no matter what. And where a child knows that sexual abuse is never a child's fault. EVER.

cover of new book body safety for young children
My New Book for Parents and Teachers

It's not always easy to get the kids talking. Especially- about the tough stuff! Or when your child might be feeling bad or embarrassed about something.

Diane Tarantini and I chat about this topic on our brand-new podcast this week. Learn how to change how you ask questions and get the kids talking.

Join us on the Mommunity Podcast where we talk about the tough stuff! Subscribe, like, and share these valuable chats with your mom friends. These resources and all that we do are for you. So connect! Let us know how we can help and what you need help with.

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