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Free From Me! Resources for Teachers

I wanted to let all of you teachers know that I support you! I was a kindergarten teacher a few years ago. I know that changing from the physical classroom to a virtual one, has to be incredibly difficult. I wanted to volunteer my services and try to help.

I am a certified k-3 teacher, a sexual abuse prevention specialist, and an author. If you are interested in arranging an online zoom, Facetime, or Skype call with me - please contact me on my website.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am happy to offer this to your classroom and our kids as a donation.


  1. FREE LESSON PLANS - Send me an email

Things are tough right now for everyone! On amazon, books are considered NON- ESSENTIAL. But, all of my books are still for sale online in a digital format.

Click on the links to take a peek at my books!

I am also available to chat with your kids about writing, the writing process, and becoming an author. Please reach out and connect. We all are trying so hard to keep our sanity, stay busy, and do our part. This is just one little thing that I can do to try to help our teachers and kids!


Kimberly King

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