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Are Your Kids Turning into Little Lawyers Because You Are Wishy-Washy on Your NO?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

I know... we have all been there! The kids want something, and they start bugging, pestering, lawyering, and manipulating us to the breaking point, and we say YES!

We change our No to a YES! Because it just feels easier and we are worn out and broken down!

Here are 4 quick tips to start teaching the NO! Start this early and practice it often. Message me or email - if you need help developing your NO strategy. It is the basis of body safety and boundaries. And it will help you become a more assertive, proactive parent.

Saying No and sticking to it is not MEAN.

NO is one of the most important words you can model and teach to your kids.

I help many families learn how to develop parenting plans and body safety strategies that protect their families. If you need help... reach out. I am happy to share all of my ideas and tips.

I will be talking about this very subject in February on a TV show called THE LIST. I promise to send you a reminder about this important segment soon!

Book a private body safety chat on my website to get started.

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